Why work in Ar.Ter.?

For us, people are the essential resource to face the continuous challenges of the market. Reputation, innovation, training, investment in Research and Development, allow us to look to the future with confidence. All this would not be possible without the passion and professionalism of the staff. The success of Ar.Ter. it is mainly due to the staff who feel part of a great team and who, with a sense of belonging, make their skills available to the company.

Ar.Ter. offers challenging and rewarding careers for employees with a strong background in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). A strong emphasis on the STEM curriculum is critical to employee success in technology-based businesses.

Ar.Ter. is proud to be a strong supporter of these programs in territorial educational institutions

Available job positions

Currently the following professional profiles are required:


Ar. Ter. proposes itself as a partner for the insertion in the company and the activation of internships in order to bring out young talents through a job insertion path, culminating in the acquisition of professional skills.