The activity of research and development is carried out in partnership with the main Italian Universities, as well as with public and private research centers and strategic clients, in order to provide cutting-edge solutions in terms of technical-scientific knowledge. Ar.Ter. provides customers with its capabilities in terms of technological and engineering innovation to be used to improve products, create new ones, or improve production processes. The mindset with which we approach this is oriented towards the future, towards improving the level of competitiveness and towards the search for unconventional solutions while simplifying processes.

Our solid collaboration network with Italian universities allows us to have privileged access to the latest research, knowledge, and discoveries. Together with our academic partners, we develop research projects with the aim of creating new products, services, or processes that can truly make a difference in the market.

Innovation is an integral part of our corporate DNA. Through R&D, we are able to anticipate market needs and offer solutions that meet increasingly complex and specific customer requests. We make our technical and scientific capabilities available to ensure the success of our customers, helping them to be at the forefront of their reference sector.

Continuous research and development are fundamental to the long-term success of the company. We invest significant resources in the training and development of our staff, in order to ensure that they remain at the forefront of their field and are able to provide the most innovative solutions to our customers.

We are always oriented towards the future, seeking unconventional solutions to ensure the success of our customers and to maintain our leadership in the industry.

Ricerca e sviluppo

Research and Development activities concern not only external projects but also the corporate ecosystem in terms of continuous improvement (processes, automation, security, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.).