Since its origins, in the eighties, the company has specialized in precision mechanics applied to the aeronautical sector (construction of equipment and aero engine parts).

Ar.Ter. S.r.l. owned by the Fornaro family for three generations, it is a consolidated industrial reality that operates in modern infrastructures in the province of Naples.


The managment model

Family-run company with a strong managerial vocation, capable of integrating passion and expertise, with a short decision-making chain;

Human resources

Aware, trained, professional who realize their potential, allowing the organization to achieve its goal: to satisfy the requirements of customers;

The integrated management of all company activities

Through the use of MES/ERP software (Horizontal e Vertical Integration) and simultaneous digitalization and progressive computerization of operational processes;

The market

Towards which the company is constantly oriented; a market that thanks to its strong dynamism requires constant technological innovation and continuous improvement, requirements that Ar. Ter. always married.

Ar.Ter. thanks to its seriousness, professionalism and reputation, as well as the related certifications of its management systems (process, health and safety, environmental), it proposes itself as a trusted partner of national and international companies in the design and production of complex components and equipment using highly specialized, creating innovative and competitive solutions, realizing, with innovative enabling technologies and lean production approach, products with quality standards, delivery times and costs in line with customer expectations.



To satisfy the explicit and implicit requirements of our customers with innovative and customized technological solutions, proposing ourselves as ideal partners, in the industrialization and construction of tools and components through innovative processes and technologies, making our customers and our employees successful investors.




To design and produce solutions with high added value and competitive through innovative and creative thinking. Provide customers with quality products and services in line with their expectations, becoming a reliable partner to rely on for joint growth.

In order to pursue these goals, Ar.Ter. constantly invests (most recently the investment plan of € 10 million euro in the five-year period 2023-2028) for:

  • increase and modernize the machine and plant fleet with an eye to new manufacturing technologies and techniques (additive manufacturing, multitasking technology, reverse engineering, etc.);
  • research and development;
  • improve and expand its infrastructures and services;
  • improve company management systems: quality, health and safety, environment;
  • training and updating of employees;
  • improve the planning of corporate resources, financial activities, the supply chain through the progressive digitalization of the company.

The perspective of Ar.Ter. is increasingly focused:

On the transition from Industry 4.0 to the new Industry 5.0 paradigm (consolidation of the smart factory) based on the centrality of technological innovation and human capital in production processes (Human-Centrality), sustainability and resilience;
On digital manufacturing, primarily with concurrent engineering, virtual commissioning, 3D modeling.


The culture of work in Ar.Ter. rewards creative problem solving and responsiveness to customer needs.
Adaptability and the "we can do it" approach are the cultural foundations of Ar.Ter.


Tradition, excellence, reliability, dedication, integrity, passion, perseverance, responsibility, honesty,
transparency, reputation, generating value while respecting safety, the social context and the environment.