Since its origins, in the eighties, the company has specialized in precision mechanics applied to the aeronautical sector (construction of equipment and aero engine parts).

Ar.Ter. S.r.l. owned by the Fornaro family for three generations, it is a consolidated industrial reality that operates in modern infrastructures in the province of Naples.


In recent years Ar.Ter. has acquired an important experience in:

In his forty years of experience, Ar. Ter. has acquired a high level of skills in the industrialization of equipment to support various processes, from concept, design, structural analysis, industrialization and production (and related controls), including special processes, in line with innovations in materials and in technologies, of critical parts and structural assemblies.

Ar.Ter. is known for large aeronautical manufacturing in special alloy, Invar, Inconel, etc.

The technical skills acquired over the years and the investments have allowed Ar.Ter. to be successfully engaged in the design and manufacture of equipment for important innovative aeronautical programs such as

Boeing 787, 767, Airbus A220, A380, A321, JSF, ATR, EFA, C27J,

M345, M346, Clean Sky, Clean Sky 2, etc.

Its offer was further intensified by providing engineering consultancy services to international partners (both remotely and face-to-face). Ar.Ter. can manage contracts in full supply or with materials on behalf of third parties.

Lavori eseguiti

Ar.Ter. can manage contracts in full supply or with materials on behalf of third parties.

Ar. Ter. use the CATIA CAD / CAM system integrated with MES/ERP system, this allows real-time information regarding planning, resource availability, budget, project status, cost monitoring.

For all activities not directly carried out internally, Ar. Ter. has a register of qualified and certified suppliers shared with its customers.